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25 Mar, 2013

6 Cheap Ways to Lose Weight

Posted by: BeeZee In: Weight Loss

Let’s face it. Today’s economics puts pressure on our pockets. Perhaps the second most popular reason why people lack exercise is money—lack of time is the first most popular. We cannot argue because it is true. How many of us can afford to spend money for a gym membership? That is why it pays to […]

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26 May, 2012

Fat Burning Foods

Posted by: admin In: Diet

ncrease your metabolism is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways to burn fat acceptance. The reason is simple. The higher rate of metabolism of your body, the faster speed you can burn fat. Fat burning foods are foods that stimulate this process. By increasing your metabolism so you burn fat better results in day and night. […]

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21 Oct, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

Posted by: admin In: Promotional Considerations

Yeah, it’s another day of work.  And, you look at your clothing and wish you had chosen a different type of career where you could dress in your little black dress like Joan does as a tour guide at the art museum. You want to look good. Whether you are going to the mall, to […]

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27 Sep, 2011

Medical Scrubs for Work

Posted by: admin In: Promotional Considerations

Many people that read this blog site happen to work in the medical field.  It’s probably because they appreciate health and like to impart their knowledge and training to others in the medical profession. If you work in the health care field, you have to wear a uniform to work.  Every day.  Yes, every single […]

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12 Jul, 2011

Losing Weight the Acai Berry Way

Posted by: BeeZee In: Diet|Vitamins|Weight Loss

Rarely do we like to hear the word ‘diet’. It has a tendency to invoke images of salads, soups and smoothies as well as an instantaneous feeling of deprivation and hunger. However, ‘diet’ is not always synonymous with ‘denial’. Countless people who are determined to lose weight make one fatal mistake – they embark on […]

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